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Measuring Women’s Leadership in VC Funded Companies

ACG Inc is excited to announce its participation in this innovative new project that will provide transparency and a benchmarking mechanism for the investment community.

Remembering Julie

(1957 – 2017)

Trailblazer and inspiring role model!

Julie Rae Weeks was a global leader and advocate for women’s entrepreneurship who used her talents, passion and keen wit to elevate women’s entrepreneurship as an important economic issue. One of her most significant contributions was her early survey research of women entrepreneurs in the 1990’s which became an important resource for both researchers and policy makers.

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Pioneering report on Gender and Business Environment Reform

Gender focused interventions tend to address the needs of women at the base of the pyramid or micro-business owners and very few initiatives focus on the gendered effects of regulatory issues for women with small or medium-sized businesses (SMEs). This first ever report, commissioned by UK DFID provides a gender mainstreaming strategy for Business Environment Reform & Investment Climate in Bangladesh.

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 In the News:

ACG Inc. conducted extensive research on best practices, case studies and a literature review of women’s digital and financial inclusion and access to assets for the UN High Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment. After convening a working group consisting of HLP deputies, public and private stakeholders, an action-oriented report and toolkit was published and soon be available online.

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