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Women’s Entrepreneurship Research Forum

Ranking, scoring and identifying the drivers and inhibitors to change for female entrepreneurship. This first ever open source platform consolidates and reviews data and databases to facilitate female entrepreneurship research worldwide.

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Adding Peru


Peru was not included in the IUCN’s 2013 Environment and Gender Index (EGI).  ACG Inc recalculates the index to include Peru’s ranking and score into the revised index.

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2015 Scorecard Results are here!


Over 112 print articles and 3,276 social media posts! The 2015 Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders Scorecard, created by ACG Inc and sponsored by Dell Inc is available for free download.


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 In the News:

The Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders Scorecard featured as a key resource  on the Women Entrepreneurs in APEC countries Portal (WE-APEC)



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