Women and Gender Lens Investing – Measurement Matters!

There is growing interest among investors and wealth management funds in the US to identify gender oriented investment opportunities. Especially given a recent article in Fast Company which uncovers the nasty effects of gender bias on investment decisions. Aided by the growth of new investment platforms it is becoming clear that when data, not humans, guide funding, […]

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The Melting Middle: Unleashing the full potential of high impact entrepreneurs

Posted by Ruta Aidis 12/4/2014 In the US, 30% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are owned by women while in Canada, only 16% of SMEs are owned by women. Yet in countries such as Ghana, Thailand and Uganda there are more female startups than male startups. A headcount of startups or women-owned SMEs, however, does […]

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Three reasons this summer looks good for women growing businesses

The 2015 Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders Scorecard was launched as part of Dell’s Women Entrepreneur’s Network event in Berlin. The 31 country data driven study sponsored by Dell Inc and produced by ACG Inc identifies and benchmarks the gendered conditions that impede women from starting and growing their businesses. In addition, it provides actionable steps […]

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From Awareness to Action

  It’s a globalized market out there…    Without women participating equally and innovating and creating and scaling businesses, countries are going to miss out.  It’s about being a leader, not a follower…   High-impact women entrepreneurs own and operate businesses that are innovative and growth oriented. Their entrepreneurial activities contribute to economic growth and […]

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Women’s Entrepreneurship Day: Celebrating Leadership and MENtors

Ruta Aidis, CEO and Founder, ACG Inc Transformative and inspirational leadership embodies empowerment at the core of all its activities It is the type of leadership Nelson Mandela modeled when he unified a divided South Africa calling upon its citizens to unparalleled greatness: inspiring individuals to become even better than they ever thought they could […]

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Is play the new economic driver?

  Most researchers and policymakers agree, that entrepreneurship is the economic driver in terms of innovation and new job creation. While watching the film ‘The Startup Kids’ which showcases some of the brightest and most successful really young entrepreneurs in the US and Europe, I couldn’t help but wonder if a new paradigm shift is […]

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Let’s make it Win/Win for all: Rethinking female tech startups

One of the weakest areas for high potential female entrepreneurship development are the low levels of female startups in the tech sector . In our 17 country Gender-GEDI pilot study sponsored by Dell, the average percentage of female startups in most countries 1 – 3% or less!! In a recent report on the 25 top […]

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Can a Man be President?

  In 2000, Tarja Halonen became the first female president of Finland and was reelected 3 times serving a total of 12 years. She was very popular and enjoyed high approval ratings. At the end of her term, some Finnish schoolchildren were given a list of potential presidential candidates and asked who they think would […]

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Catching the Pitch

Bethany Frankel was convinced of the opportunity: I want this, and I know other women will want this, so I’m going to make it But when she pitched her Skinnygirl margarita cocktail to an all male VC team, they didn’t get it. Even her ‘star power’ as a reality TV personality wasn’t enough to persuade the […]

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