We provide consulting, training and advisory services to governments, international organizations, private sector and non-profits on promoting and integrating women’s empowerment and human rights in all development projects. Our services fall under five broad categories:

   * Monitoring and Evaluation

   * Strategic Planning

   * Results Based Management

   * Capacity Building

   * Gender Analysis

The focus of our advisory and consulting services is to ensure a strong gender equality and human rights lens is incorporated in all dimensions of project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. We specialize in providing our clients with innovative and economical solutions to integrate diversity and equity in development projects, without compromising the methodological rigor. 

Our expertise in M&E and RBM is complemented by extensive field based experience in designing and implementing women related projects globally. Through our advisory and consulting services, we seek to operationalize the work on gender equality in the planning, monitoring and evaluation of development programs internationally. 


Recently commissioned reports:

Gender and Business Environment/Investment Climate Reform in Bangladesh

Summary: Gender focused interventions tend to address the needs of women at the base of the pyramid or micro-business owners and very few initiatives focus on the gendered effects of regulatory issues for women with small or medium-sized businesses (SMEs). This first ever report, commissioned by UK DFID provides a gender mainstreaming strategy for Business Environment Reform & Investment Climate in Bangladesh.