Trailblazer and Inspiring Role Model!

Julie’s focus on women’s entrepreneurship began at the National Foundation for Women’s Business Owners (later renamed the Center for Women’s Business Research) where Julie served as the Director of Research and Managing Director. She continued her advocacy for women entrepreneurs as the Executive Director at the National Women’s Business Council and later as an Administrator for the Small Business Administration.

Well respected, well liked and well known as an expert in the field of women’s entrepreneurship, Julie was an engaging speaker, presenting regularly at conferences and on panels as well as authoring numerous publications, reports and articles. She received a number of prestigious awards including becoming an inductee to the Hall of Fame at Enterprising Women in 2017.

One of Julie’s special talents was the ability to translate complex, technical data analysis results so that it would be accessible to a broad audience of policymakers and entrepreneurs.

After a successful career in Washington DC, Julie and her husband moved to Michigan where she started a business of her own: Womenable, through which she continued her consultancy work focused on women’s entrepreneurship.

In 2014, Julie joined ACG Inc. as a Senior Consultant and played an instrumental role in the development of the 2015 Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders Scorecard the first women-focused entrepreneurship index sponsored by Dell Inc. An analysis of the development of the Scorecard was also chronicled in an article published by the International Journal for Gender and Entrepreneurship.

To work with Julie meant to become her friend and her fan! We will miss her tremendous depth of expertise on women’s entrepreneurship, her vibrancy, her wit and her friendship.